Flute Cozies

Flute cozies are designed to cover your flute or piccolo while resting on a peg. They will keep your instrument clean and dry, expecially in the air conditioning, orchestra pits or in your teaching studio while between lessons

Altieri Cozie

Insulated covers keep woodwinds warm, cozy and clean while they rest on their stands; they work especially great in air conditioned pits and damp studios. Cozies are created with the Altieri 4-layer insulation system.

Altieri C or B foot cozie $23.95
Altieri piccolo cozie $16.95

Wirkkala Cozie

These flute covers are designed to protect your flute while on a peg. Made from a variety of beautiful fabrics, they are lined with a tarnish prevention cloth. Finely finished, there are no seams or loose threads to catch on your flute’s mechanism. The covers slip easily past the G# key, yet taper elegantly to the top, ending in a matching ribbon pull.

Wirkkala B or C foot flute cozie $32.95
Wirkkala piccolo cozie $22.95
Wirkkala alto/bass flute cozie $42.95

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