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What’s New with Flute Sales?



The New Flute Sales part of Katie’s Flute Shop is now partnering with the Flute Gallery at Schmitt Music in Brooklyn Center.

Katie will provide the same amazing selection of flutes and the same honest service in helping you select the right flute for you.

Make an appointment now to meet her at the Flute Gallery or email with any questions about the wide selection of flutes and piccolos now being offered.


651-483-2783 (please leave a message as well as an email)


We want to offer our customers the finest flutes available at all price ranges. We feel that if we can not stand behind the quality of the flutes we offer, we should not be selling them. We want our customers to feel good about the flute or piccolo they buy and want to play it all the time.

As a result, we have carefully selected only those flutes and piccolos that we feel are the best being offered.

Trial Policy: We offer a week trial period for 1 – 2 instruments from the time you receive the instrument. We do not require a downpayment or deposit, though we do require a credit card number to keep on file while you have possession of the instruments.

Teachers: If you live within a reasonable drive from our shop, and you have enough serious students interested in trying flutes, I will gladly bring flutes to your studio for your students to try.

We do offer a payment plan. Click here for more information.

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